2009, January 28. “I’ve observed Erosion Runner’s ‘SedCatch’ Sediment Cage in use at numerous construction sites within my territory, and in each case the devices appeared to be highly effective at reducing the amounts of eroded sediment getting into storm sewers through field inlets. In addition, it appears to be far more durable and resistant to the type of damage that frequently renders the 2×4 framing and silt fence method ineffective.” (read full testimonial)

Chris CottonEnvironmental Specialist IIDivision of Surface Water, Ohio EPA

2012, October 18. “We have been using the same SedCages for 2 or 3 years, they hold up really well. They last until you run them over. The SedJackets look to be built just as strong. We will use them on our next project.”

Bob DunlapCPESCAnderzack-Pitzen Construction, Toledo, Ohio