54" SedCage "Sandbag" Model
54" SedCage "Sandbag" Model
54" SedCage "Sandbag" Model

54" SedCage "Sandbag" Model

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Install without lifting the grate. No digging. No restoration.

  • Fits square grates up to 36"x36".
  • Fits round grates up to 40" in diameter.
  • Fits rectangular grates with a diagonal between 32" and 53" (a2 + b2 = c2).

To install:

  1. Simply place the SedCage over the grate
  2. Fill provided sandbags half full so they will lie wide and flat (desired thickness it 2)
  3. Surround with sandbags.

Installs in minutes.

Compare with the 2x4 and silt fence method that must go around the perimeter of the concrete apron.

No Restoration.



Flood water clear opening 1075 sq.in.