About SedCatch

SedCatch is a leading manufacturer of environmental products for the erosion and sediment control industry. All of our products have been field tested, modified, and tested again for effectiveness, functionality, ease of use. We are concerned about life cycle costs which include not only the initial purchase price, but installation, in-use maintenance, removal, restoration, and disposal costs. We invite you to compare, we think you will agree we have the best products on the market.

Our sister company, Erosion Runner, an erosion control service company, is our knowledge base. With crews based in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Indianapolis we have had the opportunity to use a variety of products and methods in the process of serving our customers. Each evening we would discuss the merits and issues of the various products; at first we discussed ways to improve existing products. Then we began designing and testing our own devices.

To achieve reliability and effectiveness, most of our products are fully assembled, set in place devices. They are properly installed intuitively. There is no need for pages of instructions. They do not need a specific set of site conditions.

Most of our products are reusable.

Greg Vreeland, President of SedCatch, is a CPESC &CPSWQ. He began in the erosion control field in its infancy. He has been awarded numerous patents in the erosion control field. He is committed to providing erosion control solutions at the least possible cost.

Greg Vreeland, CPESC, CPSQW

Erosion Control Expert, Inventor, And Speaker

Greg Vreeland is an expert in erosion control.  With over 20 years of field experience, Greg observed erosion control problems and gained expertise inventing practical solutions to sediment control problems.   Many of the SedCatch devices came as a result of field experience where he would meet with customers to develop functional, easy to use, effective erosion control devices. Extensive experimentation and a passion to make incremental improvements led to the development of practical, functional, and effective erosion control devices. Greg has been awarded numerous patents in the erosion control field.

Greg Vreeland is a frequent speaker and does educational seminars in the Midwest. He has spoken at and conducted educational seminars for:

  • the American Society of Civil Engineers
  • the County Engineers Association of Ohio
  • the Ohio Land Improvement Contractors of America
  • the Miami Conservancy District
  • the Home Builders Association
  • numerous Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • and by invitation from local cities and municipalities

Professional Affiliations

  • IECA, Great Lakes Chapter
  • Chairman; Developers Forum, Montgomery County, Ohio
  • Home Builders Association of Dayton, Past President