Drop Inlet Protection - the SedCage

SedCages are designed and built to handle all that Mother Nature can dish out. We can honestly say that we are not aware of a single SedCage that has ever failed due to water, wind, or sun. All SedCages have a large, unrestricted overflow, which in nearly all cases exceeds the flow capacity of the grate.  Patents D620,999, D757,213.  Other patents pending.

“Above-the-Grate” inlet protection

• Fully assembled.
• Can be installed in minutes with one man.
• No trenching or backfilling.
• 50 SedCages to a stack.
• Re-usable.
• Does not restrict opening in a flood.
• Heavy monofilament geotextile fabric resists tearing.
• Welded rod frame stands up to jobsite abuse.
• Compatible with square, rectangular, round, behive, V-grates, etc.