Under the Grate Inlet Protection - the SedBasket

A SedBasket is an inlet protection device that hangs from the lip of the grate casting that prevents a significant percentage of sediment from entering the storm sewer system. It consists of two pieces, a Main Basket and a Dump Basket. Sediment is collected in the Dump Basket which can be emptied without disturbing the Main Basket.

The Main Basket is a geotextile lined, welded wire basket with a rim at the top that is the exact same size as the grate. No installation hassles, just drop in. The Dump Basket rests inside the Main Basket acting like a liner which collects the sediment. Some have compared it to a wire reinforced coffee filter with handles. To service, simply flip the grate out of the way without picking it up, lift the Dump Basket out, empty, drop it back in, and replace the grate. The made-to-fit, two piece design means no straps, no smoothing of excess material, no loops, no pinched fingers, no loss of useful life due to abrasions and no wedged-in grates.