76" x 40" Oval SedCage for Interstate Medians

These photos were taken shortly after a heavy rain. Water is seeping through the monofilament geotextile and a slight amount of water is going over the unrestricted overflow. Note all of the sediment in the foreground. This particular grate is an Ohio DOT #4, which is a 64”x39” V-Grate. The bottom of the SedCage is cambered to match the pitch of the v-grate.  They sell for $145.00.

SedCages are shipped with the monofilament geotextile pre-attached to the welded rod frame. The only assembly required is attaching the spreader rods with 4 wing nuts and filling the provided sandbags to place around the device.

SedCages are built to take all the abuse Mother Nature can dish out. They even stand up to gully washers that send rocks downstream. We can honestly say that we are not aware of a single SedCage that has ever failed due to wind, rain, or sun.

There are two types of SedCages, the Original, in which the tail of the SedCage is tucked under the grate, and the Sandbag models, which are used if the grate is not supported on all edges or if the grate is so heavy it is impractical to lift.

Installation of the 76”x40” SedCage; Attach spreader rods with 4 wing nuts, fill sandbags half full with sand or gravel so they lie wide and flat (desired thickness is 2”). Position SedCage over grate, make sure the geotextile flap is extended outward, and surround SedCage with sandbags. The empty sandbags, support bars, and hardware included. Patent Pending.

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