SedCage Stands Up to Gravel From Heavy Rains

James Schwieterman, an intern with the Ohio EPA, was impressed with the durability of the SedCage. A heavy storm sent rocks and gravel down a steep swale toward a yard inlet that was protected by a SedCage. The SedCage stood up to the challenge.

James did not think casino that any other devices or methods would have survived the storm. The SedCage is made with galvanized steel rods, formed and welded from galvanized welded rod, which supports the monofilament geotextile every 36 square inches. It was designed to hold up the worst of storms. Note the line of straw on the right side of the first photo. The large overflow opening of the SedCage allowed the full capacity of the grate to be utilized, which prevented the road from flooding.

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