Interstate Median Inlet Protection for V-Grates

SedCatch just completed testing of a new SedCage for the large v-grates often found in the median of Interstates. The oval SedCage has a cambered bottom which matches up with the v-grate. The grate does not have to be removed for installation.  The new SedCage fits a wide range of v-grates from 56”x34” thru 66”x42”. This particular grate is an Ohio DOT No. 4, which has a 64”x39” grate. The SedCage sells for $145.00 Contact your local distributor for details.

The 76”x40” SedCage (SC76x40) is a durable inlet protection device. It is made from a series of preformed welded rods and covered with a monofilament geotextile. They offer significant savings over the 2×4 and silt fence method. Grates with concrete aprons (where the silt fence has to go around the perimeter) offer even greater savings.

To Install: The grate does not have to be removed for installation. Position support bars in the marked location and secure with a bolt and wing nut (finger tight). Fill sandbags half full with sand or gravel so they will lie wide and flat (desired thickness is 2”). Position SedCage over grate, make sure the geotextile flap is extended outward, and surround SedCage with sandbags. Empty sandbags, support bars, and hardware are included. Patent Pending.

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